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Air Conditioner Brake Steering &
Electrical &
Transmission Fuel Engine

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Steering & Suspension
Shock Absorber / Strut Absorbs vibration from ground impacts or vehicle movements
Frame Supports vehicle engine & body
Steering Linkage Enables accurate vehicle steering & generally consists of steering wheel & column / steering rack & pinion / centre link / tie rod / ball joint / control arm / steering knuckle
Wheel Bearing Supports vehicle & enables wheels to freely rotate
Tyre Supports vehicle & keeps wheels in contact with ground as part of brake, suspension, steering & transmission systems
Power Steering Pump & Belt Pressurizes power steering fluid to provide hydraulic pressure in power steering system
Power Steering Fluid Tank Stores power steering fluid which transmits hydraulic pressure
Power Steering Gear Enables easier vehicle steering using steering ratio
Power Steering Valve Body Controls hydraulic pressure during vehicle steering
Power Steering Hoses Transmits power steering fluid in power steering system
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