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Air Conditioner Brake Steering &
Electrical &
Transmission Fuel Engine

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Fuel System
Air Filter Filters out contaminants or debris from air entering the engine
Fuel Tank Stores vehicle fuel
Fuel Gauge Indicates fuel level in fuel tank
Fuel Pump Pumps fuel to engine
Charcoal Canister Traps fuel vapour from fuel tank when engine is not running
Fuel Pump Relay Activates fuel pump when engine is running
Fuel Filter Filters out contaminants or debris from fuel
Fuel Rail Channels fuel to fuel injectors
Fuel Pressure Regulator Maintains constant fuel pressure in fuel system
Fuel Injectors Sprays fuel into engine combustion chamber
Fuel Lines / Hoses Transmits fuel in fuel system
Electronic Control Unit Electronically controls fuel mixture, ignition timing & other engine functions
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