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Air Conditioner Brake Steering &
Electrical &
Transmission Fuel Engine

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Brake System
Brake Pedal Initiates braking
Brake Master Cylinder Supplies hydraulic pressure to brake caliper & brake cylinder
Brake Caliper / Pad / Rotor Applies hydraulic pressure from brake caliper to create friction between brake pad and brake rotor
Brake Cylinder / Shoe / Drum Applies hydraulic pressure from brake cylinder to create friction between brake shoe and brake drum
Brake Fluid / Lines / Hoses & Connections Transmits hydraulic pressure in brake system
Brake Booster Increases braking power with minimum pressure on brake pedal
Parking Brake Cable Transmits parking brake lever movement to brake system
ABS Controller Electronically controls ABS system
ABS Speed Sensor Monitors & transmits wheel speed to ABS controller
ABS Hydraulic Unit Receives signal from ABS controller to activate ABS
ABS Wiring Transmits electronic signal in ABS system
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